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Stephanie Moon

Stephanie Moon, Chef Consultant for All Things Food, was born and raised in the North of England.

Herbs Unlimited and I have worked together on a number of different projects and I always find the team to be highly professional and the herbs to be of the finest quality and really interesting variations and speciality herbs on offer.

The freshness when you open a bag says it all really and the unique herbs are really a stunning addition to any menu.

Herbs follow fashion like everything else but what I love about the selection here is it is every herb you can think of and many more you need to learn what they are!

The team are very helpful and work with chefs to make sure availability lasts for a menu duration and supply and demand is met every time.

I strongly recommend you give them a try- you will not look back!

Stephanie Moon

Chef Consultant All Things Food

Try some of these fantastic recipes from Stephanie Moon for yourself:

Green Eggs & Ham
Langoustine Open Sandwich
Lemon Verbena Flambe Peaches

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