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Edible Flowers – FAQ

FAQs to help your edible flower shopping:

How many flowers come in a punnet?

It depends on the variety of flower, generally smaller flower heads like violas, blackcurrant sage flowers and tagetes have 25 or more heads in a punnet, and larger flowers like marigolds have from 8 heads.  Mixed punnets have a variety of sizes and colours in them with from 10-15 flower heads.  All flower punnets are the same price.

Do the flowers need washing before I use them?

This is really your own preference.  Our flowers are grown in a controlled environment in a greenhouse, but occasionally will have small insects in them, so a little shake never hurts.  Washing will shorten the life of your flowers and can sometimes spoil the fresh “look” of them. We do not wash our flowers before sending. 

Can I choose just one type of flower in my punnet?

During our growing season we can choose specific colours or varieties, if you have a preference please check the flower availability on the site and add your request in the comments field, or choose the variety you prefer.  If flowers are sold out, we will try and contact you to offer a substitute variety.  During Winter, you can add a  preference in the comments section, but we cannot always guarantee specific varieties so usually send mixed punnets. 

Can I choose specific colours?

You can let us know your preference, or order our “shade” punnets, if you have a special colour theme, but we cannot always guarantee availability of specific colours or varieties, especially in Winter when we have less choice.  We will always let you know if you add a comment requesting colours and we can’t fulfil your request. 

Are the flowers UK grown?

We grow our own flowers from the end of March until mid October, but this season varies according to the weather and of course sales, so we do import flowers from our trusted overseas suppliers to top up in Winter or if we are short.

How many flowers do I need for my cake?

With cakes, it depends on the “look” you are going for, but roughly 1-2 punnets per tier of a standard tiered cake would be enough.   “Naked” cakes are very popular and with a buttercream skim to keep the cake fresh, flowers can be pressed into the cream for great effect.   A small bunsh of sweet cicely can add to the rustic effect with it’s green fern like leaves.

What are the best flowers to add to drinks?

Smaller flowers are generally best for drinks – violas, dianthus or tagetes, one flower head per cocktail.  It is also a pretty idea to sprinkle petals on the tray you are serving drinks from, so it is a good idea to order a spare punnet for this.

Ice Cubes:  Don’t forget to boil the water first when making ice cubes with edible flowers or petals – when it’s cooled pour it on to the flowers, or add the flowers on the top of the tray, and the ice cubes will stay clear and show off the flowers.  

When should I order my flowers?

You should order your flowers for delivery as close to your event as possible, ideally to arrive the day before.  But you can place the order anytime, and choose the delivery date during checkout.

Is there a deadline by which flowers must be ordered for next day delivery?

The cut off is 8am.  This allows us time to harvest the flowers, pack them and organise the courier to deliver them to you fresh the next day.  If you order after 8am you will not be able to choose the next day as your delivery date.  

How are the flowers delivered?

Flowers are delivered by Royal Mail.  They are packed in punnets, and in to a plastic mail bag, with an ice-gel pack in to keep them cool. They will not be put through your letterbox, so you should arrange to be at home to receive them, or specify a place where they can be left.  If you don’t have anywhere, a card will be put through your door to tell you delivery has been attempted, and you will need to collect them from your local Royal Mail collection point.  Please note, if flowers are out for delivery for longer periods, or left at the depot, they may become unusable.  

How can I keep my flowers fresh, and how long for?

When you receive your flowers, you should refrigerate them as soon as possible.  They can be kept chilled for 3-4 days.  

What shall I do if I need to go out on delivery day?

Please specify a place where the delivery can be left (e.g. with a neighbour, or in the shed) We cannot post the delivery through your letterbox.  We cannot phone to let you know the delivery is there. 

Can I eat the whole flower head?

Eat only the petals, and remove pistils and stamens before eating. If you suffer from allergies, introduce edible flowers gradually, as they may exacerbate allergies.

What Do Flowers Taste Like?

Bean blossoms have a sweet, beany flavour. Nasturtiums have a wonderful, peppery flavour. Borage tastes like cucumber, and miniature pansies have a mild wintergreen taste. Lavender and blackcurrant sage can lend a sweet flavour to salads or desserts. Begonias have a crisp citrussy taste.  A mixed edible punnet lets you try different looks and flavours.   

Can I phone to place my order?

Sorry, we cannot take orders on the phone.  We are happy to help with advice that is not answered above, but all orders must be made and paid for online because we have no card payment facility in the office.  If your order is unusual (larger volumes, or different products), in exceptional circumstances we can arrange a BACs payment facility.

Can I collect my order in person?

We do not offer herbs or flowers for sale to the public from the farm due to our location and site access restrictions, except in exceptional circumstances.