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Apple Mint

Apple MintApple mint is often used as an ornamental plant It is and attractive, hardy and easy to grow herb.

The leaves can be used to make a mint tea.
Used as a flavouring in cooked foods, the leaves have a similar flavour to spearmint, and are considered to be superior in flavour to that species but are also quite hairy, which makes them less suitable for garnishing.

This mint is used in Mojito cocktails and is very popular in Cuba.

Culinary Suggestions

  • Apple mint jelly
  • Apple mint couscous
  • Used to make a refreshing tea or add to cocktails and mocktails.
  • Add whole or chopped leaves to popsicles, sorbets and ice cubes.
  • Use to make sauces or herb rubs for poultry, lamb and seafood.


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