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BorageBorage is a large leafed herb with hairy leaves and bright blue star like flowers. It has a cucumber like flavor which makes it ideal for use in green salads.

Borage seeds everywhere and is described in Gerrard’s “History of Plants” as “a plant that makes the mind glad and merry, driving away all sadness, dullness and melancholy.”

The leaves are better used when they are young and tender as they tend to be tough and prickly when older. The leaves are good cut up into small pieces and added to salads and the flowers are also edible.

The stems of borage can be steamed or cooked in the same way as spinach or tender stems can be chopped and used in salad to add flavor and crunch.

The edible star shaped flowers make a wonderful addition to salads or used as a garnish.

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  • Salmon with wilted borage.
  • Wilted borage leaves, with crispy bacon, blue cheese and mushrooms as a hot salad.
  • Add to cream cheese or mayonnaise
  • Add as a flavour in summer drinks.
  • Combine with spinach or add to a pasta dish with cheese.
  • The flowers are edible and look wonderful added to salads or in summer fruit cups and Pimms.
  • Freeze the flowers in ice cubes and add to drinks.
  • Crystallise the flowers for dessert decoration or add them to Pimms Jelly, once turned out of the mould they have a delicate appearance
  • The Borage flowers add a stunning garnish to any salad such as Heirloom tomatoes or roasted peppers.


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