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Fresh Cut ChervilThis lovely herb is sometimes know as “gormet’s parsley”. It is a little more delicate than parsley with a hint of liquorice to the flavour.

Chervil is widely used with poultry, seafood and vegetables. Best added at the end of cooking as it tends to lose flavour at high temperatures.

Here are some of our ideas for use:

  • Turbot fillet steamed over chervil stalks (removed) then served with a light chervil sauce and summer patch vegetables.
  • Chervil Herb crust with lemon and sesame for fish.
  • Grilled salmon with chervil, sweet chilli and lime rub.
  • Chicken and chervil creamy pasta with fennel pollen baked fresh baguette.
  • Chervil salsa verde with BBQ chicken and mini baked potatoes.


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