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Golden Purslane

Golden PurslaneGolden purslane is a salad herb with a lovely fresh succulent leaf which explodes in your mouth with a refreshing burst of cool flavours.

It has a golden leaf which is is a good, mild and crunchy addition to a mixed leaf salad or use it to replace cucumber in raita for a classic and delicious Turkish everyday salad.

Culinary Suggestions

  • Golden purslane works well in a variety of salads such as fish salads, meats and vegetable based salads the crisp crunch to the leaves makes it fun to eat and the vibrancy of the leaves mean it is a stunning addition to the dish.
  • Because the leaves are so perfect their shape holds on the plate making garnishing of dishes easy with this leaf.
  • Try with fish salads and chicken dishes. The fleshiness of the salad lends itself to game dishes as well as cheese salads.
  • Hot salads work well with this purslane as it holds its integrity on gently cooking.

Suggested Pairings:

 cheese, chicken, fish

Click here to find out how to source Golden Purslane in your area.

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