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LEAF Marque

Linking Environment & FarmingLEAF stands for ‘Linking Environment And Farming’.

At Herbs Unlimited we’re members of LEAF, who offer us useful guidance on helping to protect the environment on our farm.

‘LEAF Marque’ is a step further and a deeper commitment as it is a recognised assurance scheme for which we will be audited on an annual basis.  Although we conform to most of the standards required already, passing the LEAF Marque audit will demonstrate that we are caring for the environment and the process will help us to fill in the gaps.

Susie Wilkinson, our growing manager, is currently reviewing and re-writing all our written policies on the Environment, Crop Protection, Water Management, Soil Management and Nutrient Management enabling us to conform to LEAF’s standards. This will help us further in using more Integrated Farm Management (IFM) techniques in our production practices to help protect and enhance the environment whilst also helping to make the farming business more sustainable. From these written policies we can then go on to implement each point such as creating habitat areas on the farm to encourage wildlife.

Implementing all this will be Susie’s next project and we hope to bring you news of progress in a regular blog section.

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