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Baby Salad Leaves

baby Salad leaves

New Season Salads, to bring a little difference to your salad.

Our speciality baby salads are carefully selected to achieve the fullest flavour and colours, that compliment each other to make the freshest, crisp salad available.

Our speciality selected baby salad leaves are unique and delicate with a distinctive flavour that brings a welcome difference to your salad.

Our growing season is May to September.

Bistro Variety

We have a Bistro Variety baby salad that includes Bulls Blood, Mizuna, Red Chard and Red Pack Choi.

Speciality Salad

We strive to include a minimum of 7 different varieties from this special selection of Bulls Blood, Mizuna, Red Chard, Red Pack Choi, Greek Cress, Red Russian Kale, Chop Suey, Green Tat Soi and Rocket.

Pack Shot2Our 100g retail packs

The heart of a good salad‘ Ideal for the retail market with fresh vibrant packaging…

If you’re a food business, we may be able to deliver or have a distributor in your area. Make an enquiry or request a call back from one of our team.

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Bulls Blood

Green Mizuna

Red Chard

Red Mizuna

Red Pak Choi