At Herbs Unlimited we grow a wide selection of chicories, chards and cresses to bring a little difference to your salad.

Our baby salad leaves selection is carefully chosen for flavour, colour and shape. The resulting mix when  enjoyed either on it’s own or added to a simple lettuce salad has interest and flavour.

The baby salad leaves selections are a more affordable mix than the baby cresses and are a fantastic complement to them.

The leaves in our salad mixes are made up of the following and we strive to include at least 9 in every mix:

Red Chard, Mizuna, Red Mizuna, Red Pak Choi, Tat Soi, Red Russian Kale, Black Cabbage, Bubbles cress, Greek Cress, Bulls Blood, Red Veined Sorrel, Chop Suey Green.

Our growing season for the above is May to September, with the exception of Red Veined Sorrel which grows in the later summer months.

Red Pak Choi – Oval Leaves with deep red wine leaves and green undersides.

Red chard – A standard in many baby leaf mixes . Green broad with a red stem. Good for contrast in a salad and flavour.

Green Mizuna – Dark green, glossy, jagged leaves with slender white stalks and a delicate mild mustard flavour.

Red Mizuna – Great for adding colour to a salad. Purplish red leaves with a green underside.

Red pak Choi – Oval leaves in deep burgundy red with green undersides.

Tat soi – Deep glossy green spoon shaped leaves. Provides a  mild brassica flavour and crunchy texture to salads.

Chop Suey – Green fresh green, chrysanthemum like  leaf with a sweet flavour.

Red  Russian Kale – A brassica baby  leaf with a flushed indented leaf.

Bulls Blood – A very deep burgundy chard leaf . Brilliant for adding colour into your salad.

Wild Rocket – The true rocket variety withserrated leaves and a good strong , slightly peppery flavour.

Greek Cress – Spicy green delicate leaf, fresh taste and spicy kick.

Bubbles Cress – Similar to Greek cress but even spicier.


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