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Processed Herbs & Salads

Processed RosemaryOur processed herbs and salads are washed and chopped in our purpose built, low and high care pack house.

All our high care products are sterilised and washed using periacetic acid solution before being transferred into the high care facility where they are packed.

We have a dedicated washing and high care area separate from wholesale packing.

We have upgraded our entire packing area this year (2014) to give enhanced low care washing and high care area with cold storage facilities.

We process whole, hand cut, sliced and bowl chopped products.

Bowl Chopped products are typically 1 to 4mm (Bowl chopped products can be screened 3 or 4mm).

We can work to any customer desired specification and look at any mixes required.

We supply ready to eat, fresh picked condition with enhanced shelf life and we feel that fresh herbs in a dish are vastly superior to dried or IQF products.

We are extremely proud to have Grade 1 BRC


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