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Speciality Fresh Herbs

speciality summer herbs

These culinary herbs are what we like to call our “speciality” product and an area of the business that we all really enjoy being involved with.

They are grown on our farm, in addition to our traditional fresh herb crops, for customers who are looking for ‘something different’. With these less common herbs our clients are able to push the boundaries of food flavour and experiment with new ideas.

Many of our culinary herbs have been long forgotten and it’s refreshing to see some of our chefs re-creating the traditional uses for them, along with some new and innovative recipe ideas.

The majority of our crop is available for our full growing season from May to September, with some exceptions.


Fantastic herb somewhere between parsley and celery.

Anise Hyssop

The leaves have a strong aniseed/liquorice flavour and make a great addition to salads.

Apple Mint

Spearmint flavour with a hint of fruity apple.

Banana Mint

Makes and interesting addition to summer drinks and salads.

Basil Mint

Combines mint and basil flavours to make a great addition to tomatoes and lamb.

Blackcurrant Sage

Very strong scent and taste of blackcurrant. (limited availability)


Clean and mild cucumber taste… cool as a cucumber in salads!

Bronze Fennel

A great versatile herb with aniseed flavour great with fish dishes. (lots available)

Fresh Chervil


A delicate alternative to parsley with a hint of liquorice -“gourmet parsley”.

Fresh Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint

Imagine after dinner mints in herb form… lots of uses.


Add wasabi flavour to salad and other dishes by using the chopped leaves.

English Mace

Not to be confused with the outer casing of nutmeg. This is a fresh herb with leaves.

Garlic Chives

Their subtle garlic flavour is much milder and sweeter than the common chive. (lots available)

Fresh Green Fennal

Green Fennel

A feathery aniseed flavoured herb. (plenty available)


A slightly bitter, liquorice, minty flavor, very good with fatty meats.


Not just a pretty smell for grandma’s knicker draw… try instead of rosemary. (flowering & plenty available)

Lemon Balm

Chopped lemon balm leaves make a fantastic addition to flavour, butter, vinegars, oils and dressings. (limited this week)

Lemon Basil

Use this citrus flavoured basil in deserts and savouries alike.

Lemon Grass

Picked fresh from the greenhouse is more lemony and fresh than a tired import from Thailand.

Lemon Thyme

Try it in a recipe in which lemon juice or zest are normally used.

Lemon Verbena

Has a very strong, lemon-like scent making it ideal for use in cooking. (lots available)

Lime Mint

Light and refreshing summery herb to freshen up any summery dishes.

Fresh Lovage


A very distinctive slightly celery-like flavour. (lots available)

Nasturtium Leaves

Surprisingly hot and peppery punch… not just for pretty flowerboxes.

Orange Thyme

Try flavouring chocolate with this orange scented version of thyme. (Flowering now too!)


Use the leaves fresh in salads or beans, or chop and sprinkle on fish to add a citrus taste.

Pineapple Mint

Has a fresh, fruity aroma that works well with jellies, fruit salads, and ices. 

Pineapple Sage

Try it with your usual sage recipes in pork or with sausages.

Red Oxalis

Sharp citrus taste that works well in a salad.

Salad Burnet

The leaves have a slight cucumber taste and nutty aroma and are often used in salad.

Summer Savory

Combines well with vegetables, pulses and rich meats, less bitter than Winter Savory. (this is looking very good with plenty available)

Sweet Cicely

A sweet, aniseed flavoured herb which is a very good sugar substitute. (Growing back nicely)

Thai Basil

Has a distinct licorice flavour that doesn’t exist in sweet basil.

Wild Garlic

No need to forage for it… ours is pampered and fresh!

Winter Purslane

Fresh clean flavour fantastic for autumn and winter salads.

Winter Savory

A very strong peppery taste, so use carefully.


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