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Traditional Fresh Herbs

Traditional Fresh Herbs

We have a full range of traditional fresh herbs available all year round. In the summer season we grow these herbs in our polytunnels and fields and import them in the winter from selected growers.

Our range of year round herbs includes all the usual suspects and is complimented (in season) by our range of “speciality herbs” for the more adventurous.

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Strong notes of spice and a mintyness and has the flavours of clove, cinnamon, and anise.

Fresh Bay Leaves


Used in soups, stews, meat, seafood, vegetable dishes, and sauces.

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Chives have a mild, grassy flavour similar to baby spring onions or young leeks.

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Coriander has lots of aroma and adds a citrus taste to dishes, widely used in curries.

Curly Parsley

Widely used as a decorative garnish as well as for flavour.

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Dill has green feathery leaves and works well with many other ingredients.

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Flat Leaf Parsley

More flavour than curly parsley and great chopped up in fresh salads.

Fresh Marjoram


Delicate and fragrant often confused with oregano.

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Perfect with lamb and traditional vegetables such as peas, carrots, new potatoes and beans.

Fresh Oregano


A pungent herb that works well with a variety of dishes.

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Rosemary is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves.

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Used for centuries to flavour pork and poultry dishes and of course combined with onions.

Fresh Samphire


Refreshing with a crisp and salty taste of the sea.

Fresh Sorrel


Sorrel has a sour lemony flavour.

Fresh Tarragon


Soft green leaves and a distinctive aniseed flavour.

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Thyme lends itself very well to slow cooking in stocks and casseroles and adds a strong savoury flavour.


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