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Alan James, Our very own Birder at Herbs Unlimited

Alan has had a lifelong interest in bird watching, it all started when he was four years old and he was given a pair of binoculars. He grew up in rural Surrey amongst 4 acres surrounded by woodland and loved spotting the different species.

He took it one step further at university and joined the bird ringing group where they put rings on the birds which generate information on the survival, productivity & movements of birds, helping us to understand why populations are changing.
We are very lucky to have such a dedicated birder who is often found on his lunch breaks in the hedge backs looking for birds. In the past few years he has seen over 72 regular visitors like the Grey Heron, Buzzard, Mallard, Robin, Corn Bunting and many more. He has also seen a few rarer visitors; Little Stint, Woodcock, Cuckoo, Barn Owl and Brambling and he has been lucky enough to witness 18 species nesting.
We have decided that we really should be sharing this information and sharing Alan’s passion for bird watching. Therefore in the future we will be putting a monthly update on the website on Alan’s sighting for the previous month! We will hopefully be able to share some photos too. What this space!