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Lemon Verbena Flambe Peaches

lemon-verbena-flambe-peachesLemon Verbena Flambe Peaches

Get your blow torch ready for some summery heat with these lemony flambe peaches from Chef , Stephanie Moon.

Ingredients – serves four

4 Peaches

4 tblsp golden caster sugar

Grand Marnier

Edible flowers to garnish


Split four peaches and remove the stones

Place the peach halves onto a tray ready to flambé

Then heat 4 tablespoons of golden caster sugar in a pan until it forms a caramel

Place the peaches inside the pan and add Grand Marnier to ignite with a flame and allow the peaches to infuse with the 2 stems of verbena.

Garnish with edible flowers taking care to remove some of the stems as you serve them.