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We specialise in high quality fresh herbs, baby salads and edible flowers.

Fresh herbs and salad leavesOur polytunnels give us an extended growing season for our unique range of baby leaves and speciality herbs, allowing us to meet the demands of our customers for locally grown and seasonal produce for a large part of the year.

To complement our seasonal production, we import directly from quality controlled growers in Israel and Spain. This allows us to meet year round demand from our loyal customers, while ensuring we have full traceability from field to fork.

We believe our environmentally sensitive production of freshly cut Yorkshire herbs and baby salads delivers not only great quality taste, but also great value for our customers.

Fresh Herbs and Edible FlowersCurrent Herbs (available all year)

We have a full range of herbs available all year which we grow in our polytunnels and fields in the summer season and import in the winter from selected growers.

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Summer Herbs

These are what we like to call our “speciality” product and an area of the business that we really enjoy. These culinary herbs push the boundary of the flavour of food and are often older herbs which have been long forgotten.

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Baby Leaf Salads

We grow a wide selection of chicories, chards, mustards and cresses to bring a little difference to your salad.

We chose our salad selection for flavour, colour and shape, so when mixed together or added to a lettuce salad, or eaten on their own, they add interest and flavour.

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Washed Salads

We grow a wide range of lettuce for the ready to eat market, adding our baby leaves or herbs as required.

These go to the wholesale and retail markets and we feel we have a very well balanced and full flavoured mix.

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Manufactured Herbs

We can process any herb you wish for the food manufacturing industry. Chopped, sliced or pureed. We do it!

Product Packaging

We pack herbs into everything from 20gm punnets to 5 kilo boxes, for either wholesale, retail or manufacturing requirements.

Our modern packing facility allows for rapid high humidity chilling of our fresh cut products and has temperature/climate controlled high and low care areas, along with washing, chopping and slicing equipment to allow us to produce a wide range of product specifications.

As members of Efsis Assured Produce Scheme, the British Herb Trade Association and with BRC Certification, we follow strict procedures and protocols to which we are regularly independently audited, ensuring our products are produced to a consistently high standard.

We can wash, chop ,slice and pack any product to order.