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Processed Herbs & Salads

Processed RosemaryOur processed herbs and salads are washed and chopped in our purpose built, low and high care pack house.

All our high care products are sterilised and washed using periacetic acid solution before being transferred into the high care facility where they are packed.

As one of the most prominent UK suppliers of fresh herbs and salads to the catering, retail, food manufacturing and food service trades, we aim to exceed our customer’s expectations at all levels including specification, hygiene, quality and customer service.

We take food safety very seriously at Herbs Unlimited and have years of experience in developing strategies to keep our standards as high as possible.

We aim to supply safe products to all our clients whilst maintaining the quality and consistency they rightly expect.

Our staff are involved in an ongoing process of professional development and food safety training to ensure that they are familiar with the standards we expect.

Our pack house is audited on an annual basis to British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards. These standards are the benchmark for best practice against which many manufacturers are evaluated across the world.

Our expertise in the market for fresh herbs and salads is based on:

Ground breaking agronomy
We are constantly working to develop better understanding of how our products grow and working with partners to create new processes that will provide the quality we expect in an environmentally sympathetic way.
We have built up a network of high quality and reliable partners who are able to provide us with excellent products at times when our own are out of season.
We have developed and extended our own state of the art processing units where we meet the highest standards for quality, hygiene and specification.
Our dedicated packing area offers enhanced low care washing and high care area with extensive cold storage facilities.
We grow a range of herbs and salads throughout the year on our farm in Sandhutton near Thirsk, including unique speciality herbs that are rarely grown commercially.
Our central location in the North of England enables us to join the main transport routes north and south with our fleet of temperature controlled vehicles.

We are passionate about our products and pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and develop to match the needs of both our smaller clients as well as some of the leading names in food retail, catering and manufacturing.


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