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We specialise in high quality, fresh cut herbs and baby salads alongside an extensive range of speciality herbs and edible flowers in the summer season, grown, packed and distributed to manufacturing, food service, wholesale and retail customers nationally.

Fresh Lovage

Speciality Herbs

These culinary herbs are our “speciality” product and compliment our range of traditional herbs.

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Spinach for salad leaves

Washed Salads

We grow a wide selection of chicories, chards and cresses to bring a little difference to your salad.

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Processed Rosemary


Our processed herbs & salads are washed & chopped in our own low and high care pack house.

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In Season Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Our fresh edible flowers range adds a variety of colours, tastes and textures to any dish.

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Random Specials

Some of our speciality herbs available now!

Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet

The leaves have a slight cucumber taste and nutty aroma and are often used in salad.

Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop

The leaves have a strong aniseed/liquorice flavour and make a great addition to salads.

Apple Mint

Apple Mint

Spearmint flavour with a hint of fruity apple.

Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel

A great versatile herb with aniseed flavour great with fish dishes. (lots available)

Blackcurrant Sage

Blackcurrant Sage

Very strong scent and taste of blackcurrant. (limited availability)

English Mace

English Mace

Not to be confused with the outer casing of nutmeg. This is a fresh herb with leaves.

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Edible Flowers at Great Yorkshire Show

Almost a Royal Audience at the Great Yorkshire Show

There’s something very special about the Great Yorkshire Show, particularly on the day that the Royals attend. We had a great show, situated in the Garden Hall with the fresh produce stands in the educational area next to the cheese area.

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Chefs get a taste of our unlimited herbs

Wholesalers, Chefs, NPD Managers were amongst those invited to join us for the day and find out a little more about the variety of herbs and edible flowers that we grow here on the farm.

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Fresh Lovage

Could Lovage be the New Parsley?

We love to grow speciality herbs in the summer and have been seeing an increasing demand for them in the region.

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