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Lovage(Levisticum officinale)

Lovage is one of our home grown summer speciality herbs and is also known by some as sea parsley.

Lovage is a tall plant with dark green, deeply divided leaves which look very like celery leaves in shape. The leaves are best eaten when young and should be cut down regularly to encourage new growth. This herb is widely found in the temperate world and has been used for centuries for everything from flatulence to an aphrodisiac. It tastes good too!

Lovage has a very distinctive slightly celery-like flavour that works really well in a chicken stock and enhances the flavour of potato. Add to soups in the last part of cooking.

This herb can be used in vegetarian dishes to add a “meaty” flavor.

Culinary Suggestions

  • Pea, lovage and potato soup with mint.
  • Chopped in a mayonnaise dressing with chicken.
  • Lovage butter served with grilled lemon sole.
  • Lovage and potato salad.
  • Lovage infused in a cream sauce to go with pasta.

Suggested Pairings

game, lamb, pea, pork, potato, rabbit, white fish

Click here to find out where you can source lovage in your area.

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